Our Value Proposition

Lean Ventures provides proven tools and methods to develop your innovation capabilities. We make working with innovation fun, actionable and measurable, thereby creating consistent long-term growth for our clients.


We provide proven tools and methods to unleash the creative powers of your employees.

Innovation Metrics

We apply a different set of metrics for early stage projects. 'If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.' Peter Drucker

Startup Accelerators

We design and run private and corporate startup accelerator programs.

Open Innovation

We can help you to leverage the possibilities of open innovation.

Corporate Venture Capital

We identify and manage investments in startups that match your strategy.

Innovation Strategies

We design and implement measurable innovation strategies.

How we help

Designing and implementing measurable innovation strategies.

Latest projects


What we do

Accelerating innovation in large companies and organisations.

  • Rustam Nabiev

    "I consider Lean Ventures contribution to Shifo to be priceless. They have brought to Shifo knowledge and tools on how to build and sustain new partnerships and how to measure the right indicators. Currently, they help us to turn assumptions into facts by designing and running experiments and to establish a data-driven culture within Shifo. In essence, it's about maximising learning while minimising the time and costs for doing so. Working with Lean Ventures is a real pleasure."

    Rustam Nabiev, Director Shifo.org
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  • Angela Yong

    “As our lean startup coach, Andy not only inspires us to reach further, but he also offers actionable tools and methods that are key to building more agile and customer oriented organisations.”

    Angela Yong, Head of Systems Development at SMHI
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  • Alex Budak

    “Andy led a brilliant workshop for our social entrepreneurs about the lean startup. His presentation was dynamic, filled with a perfect blend of theory and practical applications and he did a very good job of keeping both energy and attention high for a full-day. I highly recommend Andy for anything and everything lean startup! “

    Alex Budak, Country Manager, Sweden at Reach for Change
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