About Us

Lean Ventures is an innovation strategy consulting firm focusing on creating long-term growth for our clients. We have experience from investing in and mentoring hundreds of startups and implementing numerous successful innovation programs in large mature companies.


We provide proven tools and apply the mindset and methodologies of Lean Startup and Design Thinking to reduce the risk and time to introduce new products and services to the market.

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Large companies are usually quite accomplished at executing on their core business models while finding it difficult searching for new business models required to stay competitive.

Lean Ventures specializes in working with large companies to search for and develop new business models and making this as systematic and actionable as "business as usual". We call this venturing.

We believe that it's imperative for the long-term survival of companies to aim for a balanced portfolio that not only covers the core business but also reaches across to include venturing.

" Every organization - not just business - needs one core competence: Innovation. "  - Peter Drucker