Lean Ventures represent a curated network of some of the best and brightest people in innovation anywhere in the world. Together with our network we are able to offer complete and battle tested solutions that address diverse challenges - all the way from designing measurable innovation strategies to implementing them in complex organisations.

Idea Hunt – hunt ideas for the products that you love. Share ideas, give feedback and be rewarded.

i2i – creators of the WIDE digital platform for structured ideation and management of ideas inside and outside of the company.

Strategyn – pioneers of Outcome Driven Innovation (ODI). Strategyn has worked with dozens of Fortune 100 companies to create products and services with a success rate that is five times the industry average.

The Lean Startup Referral Network – a network of leading lean startup practitioners and advisors from across the globe, initiated and organized by TriKro.

The Foresight Group – experts at employee driven innovation. The Foresight Group, perhaps more than any other, has spread “intrapreneurship” across companies and organizations worldwide.

Thoughtbot – expert designers and UX developers that help to turn your idea into the right product.