Lean Ventures is an innovation strategy consulting firm that provides planning, design, implementation and follow-up of a wide range of innovation projects. We provide coaching, training programs, workshops and interim management to support, guide and lead innovation projects from initial idea to company wide implementation.

We engage with our clients in everything from a one hour inspirational lecture, workshops spanning days or weeks, to interim projects lasting anything from months to years.


Innovation Strategies

We design and implement measurable innovation strategies in large companies. Companies usually can produce some kind of business strategies addressing the needs of their core business. But it's seldom to find a company that has a clear innovation strategy that aligns innovation efforts with business strategy. Read Gary Pisano's excellent article in the Harvard Business Review why "You Need an Innovation Strategy".

Are you tasked with designing a measurable innovation strategy ?

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Are you tasked with implementing a measurable innovation strategy ?

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We provide proven tools and methods to unleash the creative powers of your employees. The core methods that we apply are business modeling, lean startup and design thinking.

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Do you need an evaluation of the innovation climate at your company?

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Do you need to build the innovation capabilities of your employees?

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Would you like to go from words to action?

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Innovation Metrics

We apply a different set of metrics for early stage projects. Applying "business as usual" metrics to early stage fledgling projects is like asking a five year old to carry a 50 pound backback.

Do you want to getter better at measuring innovation?

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"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."
--Peter Drucker

Open Innovation

All of the world's best ideas cannot possibly originate from within a single organisation. By opening up the organisation's boundaries, it becomes possible to leverage the collective brain power and infrastructure of a much wider network of people and cooperation partners.

Startup Accelerators

We design and run private and corporate startup accelerator programs. Startup accelerator programs are a great way of connecting with the best and brightest in the startup community and getting early access to new and exciting teams, technologies and business models. Read our white paper on Best Practices for Designing and Running Startup Accelerators.

Corporate Venture Capital

We identify and manage investments in startups that match your strategy. By investing in fast growing startups, the company can create a balanced portfolio of projects and companies to better manage risk while leveraging future opportunities.