Lean Ventures is an innovation strategy consulting firm that provides planning, design, implementation, and follow-up of a wide range of innovation projects.

We provide workshops, coaching, train-the-trainer, and interim management to support, guide and lead innovation projects from initial idea to company-wide implementation.

We engage with our clients in everything from a one-hour inspirational lecture, workshops spanning days or weeks, to interim projects lasting from weeks to months.


Innovation Strategy

We are experts at designing and implementing measurable innovation strategies. Large companies are often great at executing on their existing business strategy, the strategy that made them large and successful in the first place. But they are normally lacking the same acumen, dedication and focus when it comes to designing and developing their innovation strategy.

Those who are still doubting why they need an innovation strategy should read Gary Pisano's excellent article in the Harvard Business Review: You Need an Innovation Strategy.


Innovation Academy

The Lean Ventures Innovation Academy introduces proven tools and methods to strengthen the innovation capabilities of the people and teams that we work with. We also introduce a common language while killing off die-hard innovation myths, that if left unchecked, block innovation.

The Innovation Academy consists of the following eight modules:

  1. Innovation Strategy, 1 DAY
  2. Lean Startup, 1 DAY
  3. Business Modeling, 1 DAY
  4. Business Model Variations, ½ DAY
  5. Customer Interview Techniques, ½ DAY
  6. Innovation Accounting, ½ DAY
  7. Go-2-Market Strategy, ½ DAY
  8. Growth Engineering, ½ DAY

Download the presentation about our Innovation Academy.


Intrapreneurship Program

The Lean Ventures Intrapreneurship Program is a disciplined and highly measurable process that introduces proven tools and methods to strengthen the innovation capabilities of the people and teams that we work with.

We help senior management to identify the intrapreneurs inside their company and compose well balanced cross-functional innovation teams. Throughout the program, Lean Startup experts guide the intrapreneurs on their journey from idea to market.

The innovation teams learn how to run experiments and collect and draw insights from data related to initial customer interest and engagement. The teams iterate towards a scalable and repeatable business model. The program culminates in a demo day when the teams pitch their learnings to a governance board that decides how to allocate funding based on customer data and team insights.

During the program, Lean Ventures identifies barriers to innovation and advises senior management on how to mitigate them, which is essential before scaling innovation processes across an organization.

Download the presentation about our Intrapreneurship Program.


Innovation Accounting

Large companies often find it difficult to measure the progress of early-stage innovation projects. Applying standard financial metrics such as revenue and ROI to startups that yet have to discover who is the customer, what their value proposition should be or how to price, package and distribute their offering, is like asking a five-year-old to carry a 50-pound backpack.

But not measuring or holding innovation teams accountable is equally wrong. To help visualize and communicate progress during the “flat part of the hockey stick”, we need to use Innovation Accounting.

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." - Peter Drucker


Startup Accelerator

We design and run corporate startup accelerator programs. Startup accelerator programs are a great way of connecting with the best and brightest in the startup community and getting early access to new and exciting teams, technologies and business models.

Read our white paper on Best Practices for Designing and Running Startup Accelerators.


Corporate Venture Capital

With a long experience from working with hundreds of startups and a solid background in venture capital, we can help your company to identify and manage investments in startups that match your innovation strategy.

By investing in fast-growing startups, the company can create a balanced portfolio of long-term bets to manage risk while leveraging future opportunities. One way to look at it is as an insurance for the long-term survival and prosperity of your company and their shareholders.


Download info about our Innovation Academy and Intrapreneurship Program.