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Best Practices Designing and Running Startup Accelerators

Key lessons drawn from Y Combinator, TechStars and 500 Startups.

The Lean Ventures Innovation Manifesto

The Lean Ventures Innovation Manifesto is how we see innovation, contributing to greater cohesiveness and mutual understanding amongst our team members.


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Other recent publications from Lean Ventures



Lean Startup in the Enterprise: Prepare For A Bumpy Road

Interview by Intrapreneurship World with Andy Cars (Lean Ventures), Craig Wirkus (Cisco), Sonja Kresonjevic (Pearson), Vincent Thamm (Transavia) and Tristan Kromer (TriKro).

Pitching to Investors: A Lean Startup Approach.

The Innovation Mindset

How Large Mature Companies Tackle Innovation: This is an on-going survey aimed at large companies (>5K employees). We regularly publish the latest results here.


The Real Startup Book: This is a collaborative work initiated by Tristan Kromer and published under Creative commons, and with Andy Cars as one of the co-authors.



Mastering Agility: Successfully Navigating Uncertainty by Hans Amell and Kurt Larsson, with Andy Cars contributing the part about Lean Startup.