Monthly Archives: April 2016

15 Things That Make a Startup Team Truly Great

We have all heard these old mantras: "I rather have an A-class team with a B-class idea than a B-class team with an A-class idea." "A-players hire A-players while B-players hire C-players." The reasoning being that B-players don't want their weaknesses exposed, therefore choosing to hire people who will not threaten them. But seldom do those…
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5 Critiques of Lean Startup and Why They Don’t Hold Up

After reading an article published on Harvard Business Review by Ted Ladd called "The Limits of the Lean Startup Method", I felt inspired to write this post to hopefully clarify some points that I think were overly simplified and to some extent misguided. Don't get me wrong. I think that providing constructive criticism on any…
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