"I would like to commend you on your excellence. These are the highest scores I have ever seen. The students have been truly fortunate to have had you for Business Model Innovation. I am happy I made the right choice in asking you to teach this course for me."

Terrence Brown, Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology


“Andy helped us in our starting phase of Essity Ventures to establish and refine our strategic approach as well as our process of managing dealflow. His broad knowledge in the ventures field and extensive experience in evaluating and working with startups, brought a lot of insights and learning to the entire team.”

Daniela Kehrer, Strategy Director Essity Ventures


”Your workshop received an average of 5,9 out of 6.0. It’s really strong and skillful to get such a consistently high appraisal. We are extremely happy that you’re part of our program.”

Christian Pleijel, Program Director at KTH Royal Institute of Technology


"We hired Andy to facilitate an ideation workshop, to take one of our concepts to the next level. He did a great job leaving us with lots of new knowledge and loads of well-evaluated ideas, and a clear view of the next step! I would highly recommend Andy for this type of assignment and will continue to work with him moving forward."

Johan Lindström, Innovation and Concept Development at H&M Group


"I have been impressed by Andy’s drive, focus and orientation to results coupled with his sheer knowledge on startup approaches, tools, and methods. His contribution has been crucial to establish a framework for fostering innovation and create a culture conducive to experimentation and learning. Andy has the capabilities not only to develop and execute innovation strategies but to build innovation capabilities, too. I would strongly recommend him to any large company seeking support and direction in driving their innovation agenda."

Alberto Bernardi, Managing Director Nordics at Philip Morris International


“In the five months after Andy came in to help select and work with our teams, we have changed our ways of working and managed to increase our market share significantly in the Danish market. Exactly how much of this is directly due to Lean Startup is difficult to say but Andy managed to push us outside of our normal boundaries and mindset, which was great!”

Morten S., Manager Commercial Strategy RRP, PMI


“Andy is an inexhaustible source of knowledge of lean startup methodology and design thinking, as well as of tools and techniques for applying those methods in practice.”

Gunnar Tolf, Business Developer, Data-Driven Business at Tieto


“Andy was our startup coach at the Frogleap accelerator program during 2015. His methods and attitude regarding business development are both challenging and inspiring. During our collaboration, Andy generously shared his experience to help us sharpen our business skills. His encouragement in combination with his coaching techniques offered a great balance from which to grow our abilities. I truly recommend involving Andy in your ambition to reach further with your business.”

Christian Tärnholm, Co-founder MediCheck AB


“As an external innovations expert Andy Cars worked with me to create the New Business Lab function at BK. Andy is not only fun to work with, but when it comes to innovation, he is one of the most knowledgeable and engaging people that I know. He not only provided us with valuable frameworks, tools and perspectives that helped us to grow but he understood how to make all of that work within the context of a large and complex organization.”

Antonio Fonduca, Head of New Business Lab at BillerudKorsnäs


“ I attended a Lean startup workshop hosted by Andy during a four-day event. Without a doubt, his enthusiasm, the competence with which he addresses a subject matter he clearly masters, and the eye-catching observations made with his uncanny ability to condense complex systems into graspable ideas, were the great attractor of the event.

He is fluid, encouraging, vastly inspiring and able to convey with seeming ease, the challenges, and rewards of building an innovative organization. A true pleasure. ”

Andi Kravljaca, Digital Strategist at Värmdö Municipality


"I consider Lean Ventures contribution to Shifo to be priceless. They have brought to Shifo knowledge and tools on how to build and sustain new partnerships and how to measure the right indicators. Currently, they help us to turn assumptions into facts by designing and running experiments and to establish a data-driven culture within Shifo. In essence, it's about maximising learning while minimising the time and costs for doing so. Working with Lean Ventures is a real pleasure."

Rustam Nabiev, Director Shifo.org


“As our lean startup coach, Andy not only inspires us to reach further, but he also offers actionable tools and methods that are key to building more agile and customer oriented organisations.”

Angela Yong, Head of Systems Development at SMHI


“Andy led a brilliant workshop for our social entrepreneurs about the lean startup. His presentation was dynamic, filled with a perfect blend of theory and practical applications and he did a very good job of keeping both energy and attention high for a full-day. I highly recommend Andy for anything and everything lean startup! “

Alex Budak, Country Manager, Sweden at Reach for Change


"We are super excited to have Andy helping us to design our startup accelerator program and also have him come onboard as our lean startup coach. Thanks to Andy's experience from other programs has meant that we were able to put together a great mentor network and get the whole program up and running in a very short time."

Lars Iversén, CEO Frogleap


"Andy Cars helped us improve our investor pitch. Sometimes it's easy to get tunnel vision. Then it's perfect to have someone from outside who has seen hundreds of business ideas and pitches through the years, and knows what works. Andy is a very skilled communicator and it was a great pleasure cooperating with him."

Sorosh Tavakoli, CEO and co-founder of Videoplaza


“Andy has a good energy, that together with his know-how, always creates really great workshops for us.”

Niklas Gustafsson, Program Manager at KTH Executive Education


"Thank you for an excellent presentation. Your energy and ability to convey the subject were simply of the highest professional standard. I enjoyed it."

Hannes Kumari, Service Manager at Elion Enterprises Ltd


"I attended a seminar on lean startup held by Andy. He provided a crisp summary of Ries and Blank, combined with some seasoned experience of traditional models, such as the business model canvas. This resulted in a versatile model, which I have looked into, since I think it can support the startups that I'm involved in. This was one valuable hour!"

Pontus Löfstrand, Director Business Development, HKF Good Wind


"Andy recently delivered a very engaging workshop at Impact Hub Stockholm. He's not only a true expert in his field, but also a gifted public speaker!"

Funda Sezgi, Program Manager at Impact Hub Stockholm


"I had the pleasure to attend a lean startup workshop led by Andy. Both the content and the way it was presented was brilliant. I recommend anyone who wants to explore the world of lean startup to hire Andy or attend any of his workshops."

Johan Drakenberg Renander, Executive Search and Assessment Professional at Russell Reynolds Associates


"Having Andy as a skills trainer during two days of Lean Startup workshop at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship has been a true privilege. I continuously get impressed by Andy's passion, commitment and communication skills and deep knowledge in the subject of startups, business development and entrepreneurship. I would highly recommend Andy's workshop for anyone who wants to work with an open minded, genuine and passionate person."

Daniel Vakili, Entrepreneur


"I had the pleasure to listen to a lecture given by Andy at the Stockholm School of Economics. It contained for me as entrepreneur really useful concepts which were explained and presented in a great manner."

Lukas von Grebmer, Co-founder at Akuo


"Thank you Andy for great mentoring during Startup Weekend. We (lunchback.co) ended up as the winning team! Andy was the coach to lunchback team at the Stockholm Startup Weekend on March 29 2015. It was an eye opener for us to learn about the lean startup approach from him."

Jimmy Zhao, CEO at Lunchback


"Andy gave a really inspiring lecture on 'Lean Startup' at the Stockholm School of Economics that I luckily had a chance to witness. Not only did he mange to break the lean startup concept in to a very tangible and digestible format, helping me as an entrepreneur to zoom out and quickly understanding the main important components without having pre-read any of the literature. He also delivered the message with finesse being a very good speaker, making the lecture interactive and fun. I can only recommend anyone interested in startups to listen to Andy - it's well invested time."

Alexander Hjertstrom, CEO & Co-founder at Airnium AB


"Andy demonstrates an intimate understanding of early phase challenges for startups. He gave us very valuable advice during our first months of operations."

Thor Olof Philogène, CEO and co-founder of Enemy Unknown


"Andy helped me out tremendously in the early stages of business development for the FileRide project. A genuine and competent person with a solid business knowledge who won't let you down!"

Patrik Hedmalm, Founder and CTO at Yelper


"Andy Cars was one of our mentors at the Stockholm Startup Weekend. He is a great listener, had great business acumen and could envision the bigger picture with ease. He helped us shape the pitch to reflect the bigger picture and look beyond the weekend. It was a pleasure to have him as a mentor."

Sreemati Lalgudi Seshasayee, Product Manager at DRWP, Founder at Spicebox


"I recently attended a Stockholm Entrepreneurs event where Andy was a panel speaker. I was really inspired by Andy's knowledge and enthusiasm. He had excellent insight and advice, and the entire room perked up every time he took the mic."

Daniel Hellquist, Consultant, Swedbank AB


"I got a chance to participate in a lean startup workshop led by Andy. It was a very interesting and inspiring learning opportunity for me. Andy conducted the workshop very well and guided us how to work with lean startup. He literally showed me why I've failed in my previous startup. I learnt a lot from him and highly recommend Andy to those who are looking for lean startup as an innovation catalyst."

Aamir Faried, Software Developer & Application Lead at Hi3G Access


"Andy is a great strategizer, but perhaps even more importantly, with his drive and focus he is very strong in execution. His sharp intellect is always challenging us to sharpen our strategic and tactical reasoning and to test our assumptions."

Rodrigo Cauduro, Product Intelligence at Berlin Startup ZappChoice GmbH


"If you're giving a presentation... board meeting, investors, public event... you want it to be tight and professional, yet feel natural. Andy will make sure your own voice comes though while helping bring your presentation up another level or three."

Doug Lansky, Travel Writer, Keynote Speaker and Destinations Editor at Skift


"Andy is extremely professional and competent, always capable of digging into a story to find its one true core message, and building a great talk/performance around it. His dedication and commitment, together with his interest in an extremely broad range of subjects, led to vibrant and living talks. No matter what the starting point of the individual speakers was, Andy always found a way to improve on the quality of their performance. A great team member, although quite busy, he has always found the time to help out or give suggestions to others. His competence, professionalism and integrity are hard to beat, and working with him is an experience anyone will benefit from."

Anna Chiara Brunetti, TEDx Stockholm