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Best Practices Designing and Running Startup Accelerators

This white paper by Andy Cars draws on key lessons from Y Combinator, TechStars, and 500 Startups how to design and run startup accelerators.

The Innovator’s Handbook 2018

This is a collaborative work based on 88 questions from people driving innovation in large organizations and with answers from 28 experts, including Andy Cars, Brant Cooper, Cris Beswick, Dan Toma, Gifford Pinchot, Jan Kennedy, Nick de Mey, Simone Ahuja, Simon Hill, Tendayi Viki and Tristan Kromer.


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More publications from Lean Ventures



Lean Startup in the Enterprise: Prepare For A Bumpy Road

Interview by Intrapreneurship World with Andy Cars (Lean Ventures), Craig Wirkus (Cisco), Sonja Kresonjevic (Pearson), Vincent Thamm (Transavia) and Tristan Kromer (TriKro).


Interview with Tony Ulwick, CEO & Founder of Strategyn

Andy Cars, founder & CEO Lean Ventures and Anders Ångström, Partner at a-focus interviews Tony Ulwick, founder & CEO of Strategyn about Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) and Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI).

The interview digs deep into ODI, which is the process that Tony and Strategyn has developed to turn JTBD theory into practice.


Pitching to Investors: A Lean Startup Approach.

Rather than pitching a 5-year hockey stick projection, the team should show the progress made towards product-market fit and in extension a scalable and repeatable business model. What have they learned about their customers and business model so far and what will be their next set of experiments? That is what this video is all about.


The Innovation Mindset: This video shows a keynote given by Andy Cars for Telia Purple+, the innovation arm of Telia Company.


Interview series from This video shows Andy Cars being interviewed by Simone Ahuja, author of Jugaad Innovation. The topic is "How can failure be reframed as learning, and what kind of metrics can support it?"


Inside/Outside Innovation Podcast: Brian Ardinger interviewed Andy Cars about what it takes to successfully drive innovation in large companies. The short answer is "it's messy".


How Large Mature Companies Tackle Innovation: We spoke to 30 heads of innovation in large companies and what we found out surprised us.



The Real Startup Book: This is a collaborative work with contributing authors including Andy Cars, Austin Elford, Casey Sakima, Dharanidhar Malladi, Gian Tapinassi, Gillian Julius, Hameed Haqparwar, Jan Kennedy, Jorge Castellote, Lino Jimenez, Luke Szyrmer, Luuk Van Hees, Jason Koprowski, Kenny Nguyen, Nadya Paleyes, Phyo Pine, Rammohan Reddy, Sean K. Murphy, Thierry Dagaeff, and Tristan Kromer.



Mastering Agility: Successfully Navigating Uncertainty by Hans Amell and Kurt Larsson, with Andy Cars contributing the part about Lean Startup.